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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New TSR and Gygax Magazine Update: Gail Gygax on Enworld

Apparently the publication of Gygax Magazine may not go as smoothly as we had all thought when the news broke yesterday!  Gail Gygax, widow of creator of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, E. Gary Gygax has written into Enworld's thread regarding the new magazine stating:

"Please respect my wished to change the caption of this thread to:

Gygax Magazine? {UPDATE -, does not have the support of the "Gygax Family Estate" }

I wish to clear up any confusion I am the proper owner of the use of the name of my late husband, E. Gary Gygax. And furthermore would ask respect from his public and children from his first marriage, who are fully aware I own all rights to the use of his name and likeness, and all intellectual properties.

We have previously informed Jason Elliot of my ownership rights.

I can understand the enthusiasm for this project and will remain neutral in regard to its merits however, not at the expense of the Gary Gygax Estate, which represents his wishes."

This statement does not appear to hold much water as the new company has already stated that it is not affiliated with E. Gary Gygax work, company or anything else preceding his passing in 2008.  Tim Kask having alread reported that:

"The name Gygax Magazine refers to Ernie and Luke." 


“It is not in any way related to any company that existed before Gary's passing.”

We shall all have to wait with(out) bated breath to see what comes of this latest statement.


  1. Yeah, methinks Gail doesn't really have a boat to sail in with regard to this whole thing, you know what I mean? They stated quite clearly that the Gygax refers to Ernie and Luke, so they're not using Gary's full name. And she definitely doesn't own TSR, right?

    1. Nope, from 1998 until last December, TSR was unowned.

  2. I'm not one for choosing sides between members on the same team. But whoever makes the best plays, I'll be cheering for.

    Run little rabbits, run.

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