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Monday, October 1, 2012

A Cumbersome Project Awaits

As if I didn't have enough projects (going nowhere at the moment) on my plate, A new one is rearing it's head.  After a short session of the "Rappan Athuk Castles & Crusades Campaign" on Friday night.  My old friend (and first gamer) Rick and I began to discuss encumbrance and the rules that have governed it.  This was largely to do with the clarification on the C&C encumbrance rules clarifications done in the 5th print of the fifth print of the C&C Players Handbook.  Rick, being a strategic and rules guy, came up with some really good ideas.  I won't be spoiling them here, as we intend to write them up and publish a book.  

That's right folks.  We're going to write a series of rules for encumbrance.  You may be thinking, "Most rules book, ever."  Hear me out.  Encumbrance and carrying capacity/space  is one of the most neglected aspects of games in the D&D family.  It takes a bit of doing and house ruling to really get down what the players really can hold and carry around with them.  This seems to often lead to encumbrance being neglected all together, and parties having everything they could possibly need at the ready and carrying every single bit of treasure out of the latest dungeon (even without hirelings!)  Worse, it also leads to judges who arbitrarily hand out powerful magical items like Bags of Holding, just to make game play easier! Tell me you haven't seen this.  So we are setting out to write a book with great encumbrance rules that will be modular enough to fill all editions, clones etc as well as provide a very comprehensive equipment list (along with descriptions and uses for equipment.)  There will also be carrying capacity sections for backpacks, sacks, pouches etc.  I'll be posting tidbits here and there as we make progress in this project, so keep an eye on the blog for the next month or so.  Hit me up here, on Google + or Facebook if you have any comments or ideas you would like to see pushed in the book.