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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Musings On An Old School Sorcerer Class 2: The Castles & Crusades Factor

So, the longer I ponder and design, the more I think that my "old school sorcerer" will be some old, some new.  By that, I mean that my sorcerer will first be created for Castles & Crusades.  I'm itching to write a C&C magic book with a few "new" or re-imagined arcane caster classes, a way of dropping in the schools of magic, witchcraft and some level of eldritch weirdness.  As many of you know from reading my periodic updates (which are far behind) of my C&C Rappan Athuk campaign, C&C is my go to game at the moment.  It is followed closely by Swords & Wizardry (along with OD&D and AD&D) but that is neither here nor there.  In the end C&C is what I play the most at present, and the system that I love the most, at the moment.  So, I suppose that what I do at this point is start writing the book and toss some bits at the Troll Lords to see what they think of it.  If they don't want it, maybe they'll dig it enough to let me self publish on their system.  Anyhow, since I've been toying with it for a while, even altering the character of Corian in the C&C Rappan Athuk campaign every couple of weeks to test out new things with him (players don't seem to notice yet) I figure that I'll start out with the C&C/Old School sorcerer.  I'll get that class together, C&C style and post it here.  

My principle idea is to make the sorcerer similar in fashion to the D20 version, but with an old school tone.  That is, having a caster on par with the mu/wizard with the same pseudo Vancian casting style found in D20. Limited spells with spontaneous casting.  One thing that I intend to remedy right away is the fact that the sorcerer, despite having spontaneous casting gets to cast more spells per day than the wizard.  That has to go.  The spells per day should be the same, or less.  Despite having access to less spells, the sorcerer should not gain the benefit of casting more often.  That is hogwash.  Spontaneous casting itself is a great boon in a game where the core of magic is Vancian.  Perhaps there might be an "advantage," in a seperate section of the book dealing with how to integrate the options like this from the Castle Keepers Guide, in which the sorcerer can attempt to retain a number of spells per day cast equal to it's level.  Or perhaps this will be one of it's class abilities.  These are just a few ideas that I'm toying with at the moment for the class.  More will be posted when I get more work done on them.  I soon hope to have a prototype of the class here for your reading/testing pleasure.

Old School Sorcerer: Part 1