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Friday, August 17, 2012

They Listened To Us... I Think (Or My Obligatory "Not At Gen Con Post")

So, it would appear that at WOTC's D&D announcement last night, that they seem to be listening to what the OSR has been saying about the back catalog.  That's right, it seems that the ENTIRE back catalog of  D&D material will be available in "electronic" format.  Whether this will be PDF or some other "reader" format is unknown at this time.  It is nice to see that it has happened, however.  At the least, it would seem a step in the right directions toward appeasing fans of varying editions.  Plus it will be nice to get my hands on a reasonable copy of the OD&D materials without paying an arm and a leg and still doing so legally.  So, good on WOTC for this move.  Oh, and to fill my criteria, I am not at Gen Con, but will be running the C&C Rappan Athuk Campaign tonight.