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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Obligatory Bandwagon, Is the OSR Dead? Post

By now we are all aware of the speech out there, and at Gen Con, that the OSR has either been killed by 5E (which won't even hit shelves for another year and a half) or has accomplished all of it's goals and will quietly go away.  The OSR being about old school style play, doesn't seem like it would just go away, even with all of it's "goals accomplished."  Funny, I didn't even think that we had a "hard goal" in that manner, except to keep old school style play alive.  I suppose that this all depends upon one's understanding of what OSR means.  If we are speaking of "Old School Revival" then yes, this is now accomplished. We have a plethora of clones, re-works and streamlined rule systems emulating the old games.  We also now have the ear of the producers of D&D (maybe this is how we "won.")  This includes getting re-releases (in electronic format) of the entire TSR back catalog and a somewhat "old school" approach to the next edition of D&D (maybe.)  If you mean "Old School Resistance" as one other blogger has pointed out, then we never win, as new iterations of things will always happen, we are a progressive society after all.  If we mean "Old School Renaissance," well, a renaissance does not end this quickly, not since we seem to finally be approaching the height of it.  By this of course I am referring to the re-release of the D&D back catalog, along with our products really starting to hit our FLGSs and distributors.  Typically  a renaissance goes a bit past it's height. I would venture to say that the OSR won't go away when the renaissance passes either.  No, we have seen our favorite styles of game go into the arena of "non support" before.  I don't think that we will let it happen again.  At the point that our "renaissance" ends we will evolve we will go from being the OSR to the OSR and the "new" OSR will strictly be "Old School Role Playing."  That's right, our focus will be more on preservation than revolution.  We will ensure that, while we live, what we love will not be shunned or neglected again.  No, the OSR is not dead.  Now that we exist as a community it cannot die.  The OSR is alive and well and will be, I think for a very long time.