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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Unbegotten Citadel - LotFP Crowdfunding

Hey OSR fans, let's get this funded:The Unbegotten Citadel 

It may or may not be very "OSR" of me, but I like some of the stuff that Monte Cook puts out, and I'm at least a little bit curious as to what a LotFP module from Monte will look like.  The premise sounds pretty cool.  Plus  check out the sweet extra's that now come with the "Grab Bag" levels on this one.  The Ptolus PDF itself is worth the price of funding this!

July 30 Update: $100+ contributions get Monte Cook's Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire in PDF form should the project fund!

July 23 Update: $30+ contributions get a 16 page sandbox setting by Rob S Conley (Majestic Wilderlands, Points of Light 1 & 2, etc.) in print + pdf as an added Extra. Not to be released in any form outside these campaigns. Grab Bag contributions get to choose their adventures (up to 6). $160+ get an exclusive 64 page James Edward Raggi IV LotFP adventure. Not offered in this form outside these campaigns.  See the Updates tab for full details.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess presents The Unbegotten Citadel by Monte Cook, illustrated by Eric Lofgren
No one remembers the origin of the ruins in the hills. And to be sure, there's little left of the place, whatever it was. Some think that the strange black rocks were once part of a wizard's tower. Others believe that the massive red-veined stones were part of the temple to a forgotten god. But when the local herdsmen begin to notice that the ruins are becoming more substantial each day, resembling more and more a true fortress, seers and prognosticators relate what might be the truth: a dark citadel that moves backward in time, from ruin to creation. But what doom lies within, once the Unbegotten Citadel stands again? And what does it portend for those in the quiet lands around it?

About the Author
Monte has worked as a professional writer for more than 20 years. As a fiction writer, he has published numerous short stories and two novels, a comic book series for Marvel, and attended the Clarion West SF&F writer's workshop. As a nonfiction writer, he has published the Skeptic's Guide to Conspiracies. As a game designer, he has written hundreds of books and articles and won numerous awards. Best known for D&D 3rd edition, Monte also designed Heroclix, Ptolus, Arcana Evolved, Monte Cook's World of Darkness, and many more. You can read his ongoing Cthulhu Mythos fiction in Game Trade Magazine each month and his thoughts in his column on games in Kobold Quarterly. Or, just check out www.montecook.com. In his spare time, he investigates the paranormal as one of the Geek Seekers.
About the Artist
Eric Lofgren was born and lives in Western Canada. He's had a long history of working in one graphic field or another. Beginning with two years working in a commercial sign shop and 10 years running his own sign business. Also one year as a digital photo-retoucher, a year full time as a landscape painter and two years as a tattoo artist. And finally, a recognised freelance illustrator in the RPG and CCG markets since 1999.

Currently his tasks as a commercial illustrator include cover art, collectible card art and interior book illustrations. All in colour, black & white or grayscale, as well as computer game conceptual design.

This one sounds a bit interesting, so lets get it funded!  James Raggi needs our help on some of these!