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Monday, June 18, 2012

Free RPG Day Report

So, I was pretty satisfied and somewhat surprised with some of my discoveries at Warriors 3 Comics & Games Free RPG Day Event.  I went with one of three owners, Don Bodus, early in the day to get everything set up.  I was happy to see some OSR material along with some re-boots of games I used to enjoy included in the free materials.  

First off, while there were a great many Pathfinder and 1 large stack of D&D 4E products,  I found, to my delight the likes of Cosmic Patrol, DCC RPG and Castles & Crusades.  I picked up the C&C pack, which has two introductory adventures in it.  I also acquired the Blue Panther Dice Tower from the freebies.  To my surprise every one of the DCC RPG mods were taken!  In fact the only things that were left at the end of the day were some of the Harn maps and the 4E module (which really didn't get touched.)  I put some OSR explanation pamphlets out for the taking as well.  While Pathfinder is extraordinarily popular in this particular store (the are a key Pathfinder Society hub in the area) I found that two of three tables running games were not Pathfinder based.  One was my C&C game and the other was a group running Arcanis.  The guy running Arcanis seemed to have very similar issues with most newer games to those I find in the OSR movement.

That said, I initially intended to run Rising Knight but instead ended up running a modified version of  Labyrinth Lord's Tomb of Sigyfel as a C&C module.  I pulled a few of the store's Pathfinder folks in, along with a few of my gaming buddies who came out to support the store for Free RPG Day.  This was rather fun for me as I had run TOS as a solo adventure just a few nights before for a friend of mine.  I'll mention now that it took him three weeks of game time to defeat six skeletons in the mod, because his rolls were terrible and he had to keep resting.  In his defense he is a level one assassin.  The party that went this together had far less problems with the same skeletons.  All in all I felt that I did a reasonable job with this, as three of the PF folks are interested in playing in a C&C OSR style game a the store now.  From my vantage point I did my due diligence for the OSR based on this outcome.  While they all will still be regularly playing PF, they were exposed to something else, that they may not have found had it not been for the event.  Not only that, but they seem to have liked what they were exposed too.