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Friday, June 15, 2012

Free RPG Day 2012


Tomorrow is Free RPG Day.  It's a great day in a gamer's life.  That, of course being the day that we set aside at our respective game stores to offer up a sample to hook new gamers.  Our main problem being, of course, that we don't really ever hook new gamers, we just get people already gaming to be interested in/play new games (which is actually the current marketing tactic listed on the Free RPG Day website.)  Let's face it Joe Sci Fi/Fantasy buff who would probably love table top RPG's (but really only has some vague ideas about D&D) probably doesn't even have Free RPG Day on his radar.  In fact, the vast majority of people who might even be slightly interested in table top gaming are not likely to just happen to walk into the local game shop on that day.  Nor are these people likely to be searching for "Free RPG Day" on the interwebs.

Sooo... what do we do with this marketing day?  Get some free stuff?  Of course.  Play some games?  Hell yes.  What do we do in the OSR?  We take FULL advantage of the situation.  Get thee to thine local participating game store and promote the C&C, Cosmic Patrol and DCC RPG stuff that they will be giving away!  

For those in Michigan, I will be demoing games at Warriors 3 Comics & Games in Wayne.  A link can be found on the right.  I will be running a demo of Castles & Crusades a 1:00 PM (Rising Knight) and taking along some other materials for those interested.  I will also have on hand Shane Mangus's (of Swords Against the Outer Dark) excellent "One Page Dungeon" Raid on the Black Goat of the Wood to play following Rising Knight if anyone is so inclined.  In addition I will be prepared to run a Weird West game featuring the Zombie Apocalypse in the old west, done as a survival horror game, if there is interest in playing this.

So, if your in Michigan, come on down.  If not, find your local participating game shop and inspire some old school goodness!